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The next generation in wound care.

About Us

Our technologies support the repair, reconstruction, replacement, or supplementation of the patient’s own tissue. Instead of mainly treating the symptoms of chronic conditions, they are designed to address the root of causes.

Conditions Treated

– Chronic Wounds

– Diabetic Ulcers

– Pressure Wounds

– Slow or non-healing wounds

– Venous Ulcers

– Surgical Wounds

What Sets Us Apart

– Same-Day Appointments

– Transportation Arrangements 

– Personalized Care Plans

– Advanced Technology

Improved Quality of Life       During/After Treatment

We work with major insurance’s and Medicare.

The Practice

Wound Care That Works

Diabetes & Wound Healing

As patients with diabetes often suffer from slow-healing wounds, examination of small wounds is important to prevent the development of abcesesses and ulcers.

Advanced Technologies

We leverage cellular/tissue-based products that significantly reduce the average healing time and provide superior pain relief.


  • Wound cleaning with surgical disinfectant and sterile technique
  • Wound dressing includes impregnated gauze, hydrogel, and antimicrobial infused
  • Pressure wounds treated with foam dressing for extra padding and comfort
  • Monitor wounds for infection and prescribe appropriate antibiotic therapy
  • Multiple debridement methods including autolytic, enzymatic, and manual
  • Wound education provided to the patient for self-care at home
  • Wound management with weekly evaluations
  • Documented progression with weekly photographs

Patient Testimonial’s

Diabetic Leg Ulcer

“After 4 months of recommended wound care at my regular doctor, I found United Wound Care Centers. 4 short weeks later, I have already seen an amazing improvement.”

Pressure Ulcer

“My husband had been seeing another doctor for several months before finding United Wound Care Centers for the pressure ulcer in his foot. These doctors have made significant progress and the wounds are healing beautifully after 4 treatments. We’re very pleased!”

Slow Healing Wounds

“In 4 weeks they did what the previous doctor couldn’t do in 12 weeks! The 3 wounds on my legs are smaller and finally seeing progress! Thanks to the awesome doctors at United Wound Care.”